Lesson 1
Remember: Elements of art are like the ingredients for a recipe.  Just like bread is made from flour, water and salt; art is made from line, shape, form, space, value, color and texture.

  • Briefly review  The Elements of Art by making a list of all 7 elements of art. 
  • CLICK HERE to explore line but this time, don't draw Furbuzol but create your own animal buddy made of a variety of lines.
  • Draw a box in two point perspective using line.  Explain how line is being used to create the illusion of two other elements of art through this process.  You may do this part on paper or in Photo Shop, whichever you prefer.
example of a box in 2 point perspective

Lesson 2
Review the space drawing.  Keep in mind you are using Photo Shop tools to create the illusion of space according to the principles described by Leonardo Da Vinci.

CLICK HERE  and complete the activity.

Think about how type, colors and pictures are related to a 'Visual Idea'  The Hot label is red and has a picture of a flame.  It is not blue with a picture of water.  Follow the link and complete all three labels CLICK HERE

Both activities are DUE TODAY!

Lesson 3
 Make three animations in Photo Shop.  Make them all different.
  • Make the first show motion
  • Make the second show a change in visibility
  • The third is free choice and all about your brilliant creativity being shown off :)