Lesson 1
Practice making unique titles using Photo Shop type features:

Follow this link and complete the activity CLICK HERE

Lesson 2
Get a jump on March Maddness.  Design two spreads, as practice pages for March Madness. You don't have photos yet so make blue boxes as placeholders.  You will end up with two completed spreads (a spread means the two pages together)  Name you pages lastname-firstname-madness-1,  lastname-firstname-madness-2
Follow these rules:
  • Create an interesting texural background by using shapes
  • Make the titles for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in Photo Shop and then import them into YearbookAvenue.
  • Use placeholders for photos 
  • Invent a clever caption for each class 9-12.
  • Be sure to include the credit line at the bottom in 12 point type.
Here is an example from years past.  The example needs improvement.  The background is not textural and the title should be at the top and there are no captions telling the story.  Make yours better.

Lesson 3
Be the editor
Go through the pages of yearbook thus far.  On binder paper list all mistakes and corrections you would suggest.  This includes anything you think is less than perfect.
Pick one spread ( that's two pages side by side) and redesign them as a practice page named last-first-redesign. DUE BY THE END OF THE PERIOD - NO MAKEUPS.